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"Round the Ridges"

Round the Ridges (RTR) is a free publication established in the early 1980's by the Ridgewood Hall Committee as a way to keep residents informed, promote local events and business, include interesting articles, and a way to stay in touch. Thanks to the hard work of volunteers, the RTR has grown to 350 copies published bi-monthly and delivered to letterboxes across Ridgewood, Carters Ridge, and surrounds. There is something for every reader and we thank our contributors and advertisers for their continuing support.


RTR is a bi-monthly publication and contributions close on the 15th of the month prior to publication:

  1. February-March         15th January

  2. April-May                    15th March

  3. June-July                      15th May

  4. August-September    15th July

  5. October-November   15th September

  6. December-January    15th November

Issues are distributed in the first week of the publication month.


News items and stories from organisations and individuals are very welcome. Such items if run are free of charge for contributors. Please email, attaching a high resolution photo where appropriate, preferably attached as a JPEG.



RTR provides some opportunities for the inclusion of advertorial content - that is writing in editorial style that includes information that may be considered to benefit an advertiser or for an individual submitting content for possible inclusion in the magazine.

No additional charge is made for publishing such articles providing they are regarded as “light advertorial”, ie. being at least 80% content that is useful and/or interesting community information and a maximum of 20% “advertorial” messaging. Such articles may contain an identifiable name and contact details. Frequency is limited and at discretion of the Editor.

RTR issues

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>     April/May 2024

>     February/March 2024

>     December/January 2023-2024

>     October/November 2023


Older digital issues are available on request.

Old RTR issues displayed in hall

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