Round the Ridges 

Round the Ridges is a monthly publication established in the early 1980's for the Ridgewood, Carters Ridge and surrounding communities. Its purpose is to keep residents informed, to promote local events, to advertise local business or trades, and to stay in touch.  We are always looking for news and stories from our readers, so feel free to contribute. RTR contributions close on the 26th of the month prior to the next month’s issue. 


Thinking of advertising? 

Our rates for 2019 are very reasonable:
$10.00 per issue for quarter page
$15.00 per issue for half page
$20.00 per issue for full page
$25.00 per year for quarter page
$50.00 per year for half page
$90.00 per year for full page

Advertisements and contributions for RTR can be emailed to:

RTR issues

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Older digital issues are available on request.

Old RTR issues displayed in hall


We meet 6pm the last Friday
of every month.


Ridgewood Hall

2 Donnellys Road

Ridgewood, QLD 4563


Hall Committee


​Round The Ridges - Editor


© 2016 Ridgewood Hall Committee

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